22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

One of the biggest problems I see owners of small to medium sized business face when it comes to creating content for their marketing, social media and blog.

For people who are starting out, aside from the issues with which technology and social media platforms to use,  then without fail the biggest problem people have is knowing what to write about!

So how do people who create endless amounts of content do it?

Well unless you are a naturally gifted writer with a great imagination, plenty of time and an inclination to committing lots of time, it is important to have a number of techniques to help you.

Well, here’s a number…. 22!

In fact here are 22 ways in which can help you create ideas for content to write about in your social media. Of course, it’s not just any old content that we need in our social media marketing. We need compelling content that is interesting for our readers.

So interesting that they comment, they like it and they share it!

So read this infographic below and please feel free to add a comment below on how this can help you or what tips you can add to this….

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic


If you decide you need more help than just 22 tips on creating content and in fact you haven’t got the time or inclination to do your social media marketing yourself…. then why not outsource it to a social media manager to do it for you!

Check out http://www.thesocialmediarepublic.co.uk/ for more tips, ideas and to get my Free Report on why YOU need a social media manager in your business now!

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