6 Twitter Marketing Tips you can Use in Your Business Today!

6 Twitter Marketing Tips you can Use in Your Business Today!

I still speak to many people who still don’t understand Twitter. It’s not just understanding it, but also knowing why on earth it is so popular and why it is such a great tool to use for your business!

If you have found your way onto this post, there is a good chance it has come via twitter, or you were searching for Twitter marketing tips and found it through a search engine…

So to find this post useful, it is most likely for you to be in one of 2 camps…

6 Twitter Marketing Tips you can Use in Your Business Today!

6 Twitter Marketing Tips you can Use in Your Business Today!

Either you have a Twitter account and have started playing around with it but you are not really sure how to get thousands of followers and how to use it for business.

Or maybe you are intrigued by Twitter and want to find out how you can use it as part of your small business marketing strategy!

Well that’s fine either way!

The positive thing is you realise that Twitter is a powerful tool you can use quickly and easily and enables you to connect with people all over the world as well as in your street…. for FREE!

Some people are still very much anti-twitter because they don’t like things that are hyped up and become a phenomena and of course social media is not for everybody. But in most cases, it is quick and easy to get going, connecting with people and building relationships…

For me, it doesn’t matter what you do, this can only be a positive thing!

Twitter is more than just another social networking website where you can update your friends about your daily activities. It’s a versatile tool to getting you or your business recognised and to show your expertise by using it as a miniature blog and lets you share snippets of content and information to your followers.

If you want to announce special offers, breaking news, announcements, tips, ideas or just social commentary then Twitter is the place to be!

If you are not sure how to use Twitter to market your business, then here are some tips to help you…


1) Always try and tweet meaningful and relevant content that your followers are going to look forward to as opposed to spamming.

2) Like any good conversation,  It is vital that you know what kind of information you should share, both when you are writing your own Tweets and when you are responding to the messages of others. This is generally obvious if you know what you are talking about… it’s just making sure you are consistent and offer real value and you ask questions as well as answer them!

3) Make it personal including the design of your profile. Use a decent picture and get a background designed for you so it’s clearly about you! It’s always important for people reading your tweets to be able to quickly see who you are, what you are about and what you do!This is what social networking sites are really all about!

4) While you should be promoting your product/service, you have to take into account that people need variety. Post different kinds of relevant content that have to do with the industry you are in, the company and your products rather than focusing on a single topic.This way, visitors will want to continue following you given the myriad of content you have to offer.

5) Like all good relationships, conversations are a 2 way street. So develop and create discussions, ask and answer questions and don’t just push information onto people. People like polls and discussions so make use of these and other creative means of getting responses from your followers.

6) Think about the best way of getting traffic… and on Twitter, the most traffic is with people with the most followers. Of course quality over quantity, so try and find people who are connected in your marketplace and who have the most traffic and followers. Often these are bloggers, website owners, publishers, journalists and business owners and not just end users. People who work in your field and own web sites that can send you links and traffic, are more influential than random followers who in some cases turn out to be spammers and self promoters.


Using Twitter marketing methods can be an important part of your small business marketing strategy and search engine marketing campaign.

The more knowledge you have, the more success you can achieve with your campaigns.

There are of course many more ways to use Twitter and other social media platforms, but if you get started with these you will get a good start in learning how to leverage other users with established audiences and create bait that entices people to tune in to you because of interest.

More followers mean more visitors to your website so you can get more subscribers, readers and members… and hopefully customers!

If you want followers, you should get them to come to you. You don’t have to chase after them.

For other social media marketing strategies check out SocialMediaRepublic

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