My name is Stefan Boyle and I’d like to thank you for visiting my site.

I work with owners of Small to Medium sized businesses with B2B Lead Generation strategies, that enable them to generate more leads, build relationships with prospects until they become loyal and ongoing customers.

I have been in the printing industry all of my career. I own a leading online printing company called PrintRepublic. I began working for my Dad’s printing business that I eventually bought and have transformed from a traditional printer into an online business.

Stefan Boyle is a B2B Lead Generation expert

Need more Sales Leads? Stefan Boyle is a B2B Lead Generation expert

I found that although we had a great reputation, provided great service and excellent quality printing, the biggest problem I had was finding an converting prospects into new customers. I had a sales team who gave me every excuse under the sun as to why they couldn’t get more business. From complaining about how expensive we were, how there was no business out there and how really they went through the motions of looking after current clients instead of focussing on developing new customers too.

I realised I had to make changes. I had to admit that the big problem in the business was me and that I had to change. I couldn’t blame my sales team as I had employed them and whether they performed or not was down to me. It became apparent to me that I needed a new skill set to enable me to grow and develop my business.

The skillset fundamentally came down to one thing… marketing!

So I committed to learning everything I could about marketing from some of the UK’s leading marketing experts. I put myself through marketing training programmes, read every book I could, read blogs, watched videos, bought eb00ks and committed myself to social media marketing!

I learnt something from a leading UK information marketing trainer called Peter Thompson that really resonated with me. In one of Peter’s seminars, he told us he was a “lifelong learner”.

Now Peter is a very successful man and he probably doesn’t really need to work as hard as he does but he still makes the conscious commitment to learn everything he can. Now that really focussed my mind and it hit home to me that I had to get the same mindset.

We all meet many people in life who think they know it all, no matter where they stand on the ladder of success in life! They often have closed minds to new ideas, new trends and the latest thinking. I bet you’ve heard people say how they hate change and why do something differently if they’ve always done it a certain way!

Something I’ve learned is that nothing is forever and especially in business. One minute you think everything is going fantastically well and before you know it, the walls seem to be collapsing around you!

Now you remember how I said I was an optimist… well I believe that even if you are in one of those dark times when you feel the world is against you, there is always an opportunity around the corner if you get going and find it! Out of all the marketing experts and business leaders I have heard speak or read their books, articles and interviews, there is one huge common denominator that they all preach and it’s very simple!


Don’t wait for life to happen to you… Make it happen!

There are some incredibly talented and intelligent people in the world who never achieve anything as they either do nothing, try and do something but never get it going as they try and make it perfect or they make excuses and blame other people for their woes!

There are also huge numbers of less talented, less intelligent people who achieve massive success in their life as they are prepared to have a go, put themselves out there and roll with the punches! They make things happen, they do it no matter what and they always believe they will succeed!

I’ll give you one small example of this demonstrated and it’s very relevant to marketing in the 21st century. I have heard people talking while watching a marketing video on youtube or on someone’s website and criticise that person as they maybe don’t like the look or sound of them or perhaps what they are wearing!

Not mentioning the content and the subject matter at all!

Often it’s people like this who would never stand in front of a camera and talk who are negative against the people who are prepared to open themselves up for criticism by taking action and doing it!

The bottom line for me is to have a go, try things and learn… continually!

Improve as you try and develop your ideas and look at what people are doing who are achieving success. Most importantly, invest in yourself and learn everything you can!

I have put together a B2B Lead Generation strategy training programme that can help you do just that for you and your business. Now I am not just a trainer, I am a business owner and what I have put together is from what I have learnt the hard way, with limited budgets and with a LOT of trial and error!

lead generation training programme outreach formula 2.0

I have 2 businesses now that have helped me learn these lead generation techniques.

I own the online printing business as I previously mentioned called PrintRepublic and a B2B Lead Generation Agency called Marketing Republic.

I’ve invested £thousands and many, many hours learning… and I continue to do so, so I can bring the latest thinking, techniques, tools and ideas to my own businesses and to my clients.

I have put together this B2B Lead Generation Strategy training programme to improve the systems and techniques of other business owners, to make a real difference to them.

Thank you for reading this page and for visiting my site. I hope you find it helpful and if you decide to invest in my training programme, it makes a significant difference… let me know how you get on!

Have a great day


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    My name is Mary Johnson and I am a freelance editor specialized in business related articles.

    I’ve recently visited your site “printrepublicblog” and I was wondering if you’d be interested in content collaboration.

    More specifically, at the moment I have an article available about benefits of e-commerce for small businesses, which I think your readers would enjoy.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks and regards,

    Mary Johnson
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