Consistency across all of your Marketing….

Doesn’t it feel good when you have written a new piece of marketing literature you are proud of, whether it has been for an offline piece such as a leaflet, brochure, sales letter, or a presentation?

When you get that delivery of your new leaflets or brochures and you open up the box and you just can’t wait to get it mailed to all of your clients, it’s a great feeling!

If you are really aware of the power of online marketing too, either you or someone in your business should be regularly posting updates online on a blog, website, facebook and a whole range of other social media tools.

But there is an interesting point in itself.

Many business owners like to write their own content so if that’s you, and you have a strategy of what you are communicating, I hope you have consistency in your messages. It’s a good idea to really think about what kind of information your prospects are interested in and then write an ongoing plan on how you steadily deliver useful and interesting information that helps you become recognised as being an expert in your market. This helps build trust and will help give new prospects the confidence to order from you.

Now if you have given the task of creating content to a member of your team, or perhaps you outsource it, it is vital that your messages are consistent.

This point also must apply to your offline marketing too…  if you are creating marketing literature, you may be writing the content yourself or you may be outsourcing the whole thing to a graphic designer, copy writer, ad agency or maybe someone in an inhouse team.

Your offline materials must sing off the same hymnsheet as your online materials too. Imagine you are looking for a product or service and you manage to get hold of a marketing brochure or flyer from your company, the next stage for many people is to start looking online as well.

This is where many businesses fall over…..

What if the messages are confusing. What if your prospect can’t really make head or tail of what your business is offering.

It doesn’t take long for people to lose interest, click on that infamous back button and head back to google to look for something that ticks all of their boxes!

I have made a video giving a quick overview of how to make this process easy to implement in your business…

Consistency across all of your Marketing – Marketing tips from from PrintRepublic on Vimeo.

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  1. tom
    8 years ago

    Hi Stefan, love this post. It's so true what you say here. When I visit some people's websites I don't even realise it's them! When you see an apple product you immediately see the consistency and think, "this must be good". Very interesting post.

  2. PrintRepublic
    8 years ago

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your comments… I couldn't agree more with your point about Apple, they are superb at marketing!