Even if others Give Up on You, Never Give Up on Yourself

Even if others Give Up on You... Never Give Up on Yourself

We all have ups and downs in life.

Moments of doubt where we thing we will never be able to change the situation we are in. Times when we feel like giving up. Sometimes we feel like we are onto something big but others don’t get it and can drag you down. When it feels like there is no way to turn and everything is a problem

Just one thing after another.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

We ALL have moments like this. No matter what the perception is to the outside world, the most successful people you know have this. The most successful people in the public eye have this.

OK, occasionally you meet some very delusional people who think they are God’s gift seemingly never think they are anything but awesome but believe me, they have times when they think this way too.

There are many moments when I feel like I just don’t know the answers. When I feel like giving up and… well I don’t know what. Maybe just running away from it all. That treadmill of life that when you are very young or perhaps when things are great, these kind of feelings seem a million miles away or are just problems other people have.

But never give up.

Find what you want, find what you believe in and do it. Just damn well go for it.

There are doubters, haters, negatives… you know what I’m talking about.

But if you know it’s right, you just gotta do it and drive forwards.

That’s what I do.

I make so many mistakes it drives me crazy.

I sometimes doubt my own judgement. But I never let that moment last as I believe in the same way I always have that what I’m striving for in my life, I will achieve.

Even if others don’t believe that, I always do and I never let them effect me.

Just believe and go for it! Things will get better. Times will change.

Even if others give up on you never give up on yourself

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