Why Everybody Must Become an Entrepreneur

Why Everybody Must Become an Entrepreneur

I’ve often said that the word “entrepreneur” is overused and generally it is how you would describe another person, not necessarily how you would describe yourself.

Having said that I would never undermine the intentions of anyone setting out to be an entrepreneur.

The road to entrepreneurial success always looks smooth and enjoying the financial rewards of that success always looks amazing but often that road is full of potholes and it’s rarely an easy ride!

Then again, achieving something incredible is always more worth it when you are proud of the pitfalls you have overcome to get to where you want to be in life. For me, success in my career is not all about money. It’s about the fun, the challenges the highs and the lows, of which I’ve had many of both!

Some days you just don’t know what to do next.

Sometimes you feel like giving up, going to get a job and let someone else have all the worries!

But I guess by now I’m almost unemployable! I know I wouldn’t employ me 😉

But the reality is I love what I do. I love working with the people in our team and the clients we have. I love the challenges and the almost daily realisation that if I (or Rob my business partner) don’t make things happen, then no-one else will!

One of the biggest factors I’ve personally seen in people who have become very successful is their ability to make decisions. Not just making decisions, but making fast decisions and more often than not… making the right decision! Of course, we probably learn more from the decisions we get wrong than the ones we get right.

It is not uncommon for people to strike gold, by more luck than judgement and suddenly think they are God’s gift to business. Getting too big for your boots is always a challenge and remaining grounded, decent and genuine is sometimes a struggle when everything is just hitting the sweet spot. Long term success is more often about retaining your feet on the ground and continually making educated guesses that are right rather than shots in the dark that cost you!

Of course the rise of entrepreneurs across the media to the degree that they become celebrities in their own right, does stroke the egos of some successful business people which can grind on some people but others just seem to naturally connect with their audience. The positives either way for me is these people becoming far more visible than ever, makes becoming an entrepreneur more of an aspiration for many people!

I love the fact that more people than ever aspire to becoming entrepreneurs… which bearing in mind the reality is more and more people will actually be forced to becoming more entrepreneurial as the job market is dramatically changing.

In the past, people looked for a good employer and a “job for life”.

That in the vast majority is over, partly are far more transient and partly because a combination of employment law and the options for employers are far greater.

Employing people on short term contracts to work on projects may be more expensive per hour or per day, but without sick pay, holiday pay, pensions and any other benefits long term employees may enjoy makes it an attractive proposition.

So individuals will become micro companies or solopreneurs so will have to network, market themselves and be flexible to ensure they earn a regular or substantial income.

This is not all bad in my view for people with those skills or at least the potential to learn those skills. With social media and online marketing it is far more easier to portray a professional image and market your services. If people implement a successful strategy the potential for them is immense, rather than just being employed by the same company and being limited by the opportunities within that business.

The downside is people without the capability to do that will suffer and will have to do lower paid work to survive.

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