The Habits of Self Made Billionaires (Infographic)

Habits of Self Made Billionaires

I think it’s true to say the title of Billionaire is almost mythical for most people.

The concept of being a millionaire, never mind a billionaire is a dream for many people but the sheer achievements of people who have come from obscurity to become billionaires is nothing less than astounding… almost unbelievable and super human!

This infographic generated by the startup organisation Funders and Founders is based on data from Bloomberg Billionaires Index and if there is one standout trait that these people all possess is that they are quite prepared to take monumental risks to achieve the goals.

We are not talking about people who pussyfoot around and take the easy route… they simply go for the jugular in business terms!

Out of the top 100 of the richest people in the world, 27 of them inherited their fortune, 36 were born to very humble and ordinary beginnings and some don’t have any family background at all and 18 of them do not have a college or university education.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, the huge software company was an orphan and has built a $37 Billion fortune. Armancio Ortega who founded Zara, the fashion chain was a humble railroad worker and he has worth approximately $52 Billion.

These are incredible people who have achieved success in their life that is almost unimaginable to the vast majority of the people across the world.

So that common denominator of taking risks is what has enabled them to reach this status although it would be very interesting to know how many people had taken those kind of risks, achieved this wealth and then taken one risk too far and lost it.

It’s amazing when you know 5 of the billionaires invested in businesses in extraordinarily hard times and 4 of them bought companies that were all but ruined at the time of purchase.  Of course we all need some luck although you could argue we all make our own luck but 3 of the billionaires had one lucky deal that changed the course of their life

In interesting fact is 7 of them were early adopters of trends that had yet to be recognised, and for half of these self-made billionaires, their successful venture was not their first business. Three of these self-made billionaires make a point to eat lunch with their employees.


So I’d be interested to know who of these people give you the most inspiration?

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know.


habits of self made billionares infographic

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