How to Feel Happy

how to feel happy

I just felt a bit rubbish when I woke up today.

Not sure why.

I’ve felt a little bit under the weather but nothing major but for some reason I just felt a bit down, slightly grumpy and just not my normal self!

I guess that’s not uncommon for many people.

But being a pretty upbeat, positive and generally happy kind of person, it always bothers me if I feel a bit low. Clearly worrying about that is not all that helpful!

Luckily for me, there are some simple things I can do that can change my mood for the better almost as quickly as it goes downhill. I do understand that is not the same for everyone and in this post, please don’t think I am undermining anyone suffering from depression or anything related that is far more complex to rectify.

For me though, I believe in being positive. I believe that if you are both inwardly and outwardly positive you can only help yourself and others around you.

In fact I saw something on the TV last night around this point that particularly annoyed me.

It was on the news regarding the dramatic increase in obesity and there was an interview with a girl in her 20’s who was morbidly obese. The report was about how in the UK, obese people can get operations, therapy and such like to help people.

The girl in question said she put it all down to education for the reason she was obese.

Despite having 6 months of therapy for free on the NHS, where she had been taught about diet and exercise she had lost little weight and was not about to have an expensive operation where the size of her stomach was dramatically reduced.

She was questioned that if education was the problem, how come after she had been educated, very little has changed in her diet, exercise and weight! Her argument was that even after her operation she was still going to have problems and she was always going to be an ever eater and struggle with her weight.

She actually articulated that, out loud, on national TV!

If you tell people you are something, or you are always going to be something, then what do you think the chances of that happening?

I would suggest the odds were pretty high!

For me, it is about mindset and telling yourself you will achieve. It is being positive and absolutely taking action and changing your life. After all, for this girl, doctors had made it clear she was morbidly obese and her life expectancy was poor!

What incentive do you need to change?!?

So if you are positive, preach positivity and the actions you take are positive then that visualisation you build in your head will become your state of mind!

Pretty simple to me!

Again, this doesn’t work for everyone I do understand but the vast majority of healthy minded people this is true.

My solution today was simple… and it worked!

I simply played my latest favourite tune in the car. I played it loud and I sang along… luckily I was alone at the time!

This is it below… it worked for me, hope it worked for you!

Thanks for reading and share this post if you like it and want to spread some happiness 🙂

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