How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic

How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings

How To Get To The Top Of The Google Rankings – SEO Infographic

The internet has some effect on practically all business nowadays so if you had to place bets on any business owners top marketing priority it would be getting to the top of the Google rankings!

Search engine optimisation is deemed to be some kind of dark art but the reality is Google is not trying to trick us, they are not trying to be awkward and play a game and in the same way, when you are optimising your site it’s vital to do your keyword research first and really focus on keywords that you can easily rank for and not endeavour to achieve ranking overnight for highly competitive words that others with a long SEO history and perhaps very deep marketing pockets have already ranked for.

Keyword research must be the starting point of all SEO campaigns

Once you have decided what keywords you are going to rank for, then just focus your content on those keywords and importantly make sure what you write is natural.

This is where many people go wrong and try and cheat Google by keyword stuffing… the process of writing content that has a proportion of your keywords so high that it is not easy to read and it’s so obvious to the search engines that you are trying to cheat!

Google won’t read all your content and evaluate your expertise and tell you what a lovely writer you are! It’s a machine… a highly complex piece of software that measures your website and ticks or unticks boxes so if you do simple things well it will rank you.

If your site is random and you have no strategy or you are trying to cheat…it will not!

The other factor people seem to forget is that Google is trying to help people who are searching find what they are looking for. It’s not rocket science!

Google wants to give you information that is relevant and popular for people looking for whatever it is they enter in the search bar!

So if people are linking to you, commenting on your site, sharing your pages in your social media Google notices this and sees that your site must have relevance and people like it… so it ranks you!

It really is as simple as that in basic terms!

Here’s is a great infographic that details SEO in simple and easy to understand terms… I hope you find it useful!


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  1. Jonathan Rodriguez
    6 years ago

    This infographic is awesome! It is fun to see it broken down with the precentage of importance and ranking factor next to each section.