Is Social Media Right for B2B Marketing?

Is Social Media Right for B2B Marketing?

 Is Social Media Right for B2B Marketing?

I get asked this question a lot!

“My customers are not looking at social media to buy what my company sells”

“How can I find customers on social media when it is just people adding their holiday photos”

Social media is where people hang out on line… a LOT!! Whether it’s business, the Olympics, chatting about their holiday or nights out, it’s largely irrelevant if ultimately you are looking to go where people are actually spending time!

I have a business but I have a life too… in my case there is no difference. I heard an entrepreneur being interviewed and he was asked about how he manages his work/life balance…. his response was that if you love what you do there is no such thing… there is just life!

This works for me. It may or may not work for you as some people like to completely disassociate the two. That’s fine and each to their own.

Social media however certainly often crosses the lines between work and life! My social media is certainly a combination of both. I am not alone. I connect with many people on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and many others.

I have met people on facebook and twitter who have become great contacts, customers and Joint Venture partners… it happens often.

So if you still think that social media sites are not right for your business, I suggest you think again. Social media is ultimately about people connecting and being social. This is the basis for an awful lot of business don’t you agree?

Here is a pretty cool infographic about Social Media and B2B marketing…  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and as always, feel free to share this post… after all, this is what being social is all about!



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