Why You Must Use Periscope to Market Your Small Business

Why You Must Use Periscope to Market Your Small Business

Are You Using Periscope to Marketing Your Small Business?

If not.. here’s some key reason why you need to consider start using Periscope now to market your small business!

Firstly… It’s quick, easy and FREE!!

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There are so many ways to burn your marketing budget with no obvious return, yet using Periscope is as simple as downloading a free app, logging in via your twitter account and then, deciding what you want to talk about and then pressing “broadcast” – it’s that simple!

We all have a smart phone that enables us to broadcast to the world via social media and the web and periscope has made it quicker and easier than ever before.

Why You Must Use Periscope to Market Your Small Business

To use Periscope:

  1. Download the app to either your Android or iOS device.
  2. Log in with your Twitter username or phone number.
  3. Adjust your settings.
  4. Set your notifications.
  5. Look for people to follow.
  6. Prepare to broadcast your own videos live.

Next… there are people on Periscope looking for content to watch…. LOTS of people!

Here’s some numbers and if these don’t convince you, then almost nothing will!!

Periscope is currently the No. 1 fastest-growing social network to date!

  • 10 million people have registered Periscope accounts.

    While 10 million may not sound like a massive audience, then just compare this little stat…it took that little site called Facebook almost 2 years to reach 6 million users. So in only 4 months, Periscope has managed to get a lot of people to download the app and get involved with live-streaming.

  • There are nearly 2 million daily active users.

    There are plenty of people with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but many of them may not log in each day to see the long line of updates from their online connections. On Periscope, however, it seems that users are loggin into Periscope for new content on a regular basis

  •  They’re watching more than 40 years of video each day.

    This number is just off the scale if you ask me! What’s even more impressive is that the number does not include viewers on periscope.tv. It’s only limited to viewers on iOS and Android platforms. This means people are watching video after video…after video.

  •  Periscope is still an untapped market

    Although there are millions of users, the vast majority of people are not using it well, often enough or effectively enough! If you apply that to your competitors, then it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t be using Periscope to market their business so you can make headway instantly, just by being in the game!

  • Build Your Personal Brand

    The biggest hurdle to using Periscope is…. DRUMROLL….. You! The problem most business owners have when marketing their small business is… and the only way to say this is bluntly… having the balls to actually go on camera and more specifically, in front of the camera! The vast majority of people just don’t want to do this so again… if you are prepared to do it, you will build your brand, connect with people and create engagement with like minded people. In addition, as Periscope is live, it’s more raw, natural and less manufactured – people are far more likely to resonate and connect with your personality if you’re believable.

  • Connect With a NEW Audience

    As I previously said, although there are 10 million users of Periscope, that still nothing compared to the hundreds of millions on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc. So there may be a whole new set of prospects and potential clients you can connect with on Linkedin!

  • Integrating Other Channels

    There is so much content flooding the key social media channels that having an integrated strategy to engage your target prospects is vital. Some users prefer twitter, facebook, Linkedin and others, so sharing links and feeds to other channels helps to capture as many people as possible. Obviously you can quickly and easily record and share videos on other platforms, but don’t ignore the power of Periscope as it’s potentially an unparalleled way to connect with people in immediately in an unedited, natural way. If you are a small business owner or a marketer, if you are brave enough to harness the power of Periscope in an authentic way you can  greater trust, better business, and a stronger bond between those on either side of the medium.

So… what have you got to lose?

Periscope is about living in the moment, unscripted and raw. But don’t see this as a negative. You can show the real you which is why you can make your audience become more engaged and connected.

Give it a go… I hope to be watching your Periscope broadcasts very soon!

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