Show them Proof…. How to give your Prospects confidence to buy from you…

We all have an element of fear when we deal with new suppliers…

  1. The fear that our hard earned cash is going to be wasted if we are let down.
  2. The fear of the unknown when dealing with a new company.
  3. Fear that a product or service is not as good or reliable as the marketing literature says it is….

When do you ever see a website, or any online or offline marketing that tells you that a company is mediocre or just about good enough?

I would hazard a guess at never!

All companies are continually telling us how great they are….. but nobody likes a show off!

I always like to look at marketing and more specifically copywriting in the same way I would do when talking to someone. If you meet someone knew, do you fly straight in to tell them how absolutely fabulous you are and how you can solve all those people problems and that you pride yourself in customer service?

Do you talk continually about yourself, how long you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing and that your are the market leader in your field?

If you do, then I assume you have a lot of very brief meetings with people!!

So who do so many marketeers just blatantly brag about their products and services to all and sundry?

It amazes me how most advertising from small businesses really tries to copy what huge brands are doing with their “brand advertising” – if you are a huge brand, then you can kind of get away with it.

If you are not, then I am happy to stick my neck on the line and say it doesn’t work!

To make this easier, why not ask your satisfied customers to talk on your behalf? Isn’t it more believeable when you hear someone talk about another company, with an independent view. Someone with no real agenda and it doesn’t really matter to them if they have a good or bad opinion.

If that person has something great to say about a company, we are all far more likely to believe it than having the company just bang on about themselves!!

I have made a brief video that talks about this… hope you like it!

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  1. Jonathan
    8 years ago

    great video!
    Jonathan Jay

  2. PrintRepublic
    8 years ago

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated!